Why Blog?


In such a noisy time in the world, when bits and bytes and words are created by the billions in every second of every moment of every day, why start a blog now? The real answer to this question is because I want to. I have found a powerful process in writing and even beyond that, what makes this process more profound is to read my writing to others and have those words witnessed.  While I am not sure that my experiences, in general, are unique but my experience of my experiences is unique; how I process them, the thoughts created in my head, my feelings about them and how that all translated into words on a page, my words on the page, those are the unique representation of my own lived experience.  Writing has become a powerful, creative tool for me, you might say that for me it is a superpower. In my writing I release hurts, I right wrongs, I get feelings out of my body. Writing allows me to figure out which feelings are truly mine. I find answers in my writing, answers that aren’t so clear to me through the pondering of the mind alone. Writing has become for me like that golden lasso that Wonder Woman uses, a rope to grab a hold of something, examine it, cage it, get the truth out of it and then release it, to let it go either back to where it had come from or let it go into the void because it never needs to reappear.

I am someone who is devoted to her growth, her self-expression. I am committed to being a better version of myself every day. Having come these past 57 years, I know that I want to change many things in my life, I want to blow my life up in some ways while keeping all of the good and building on that.  How, I wonder, after all, life doesn’t give you a mulligan, a do-over.  While being a dreamer, a visionary and a strategist, I am also a realist, I know that I am where I am, and my own decisions got me to this point. I also know that if I want something to change then I need to actively participate in bringing about that change. Choosing differently, creating what I want, what is good, what works, keep those things.  Examine what is life-sucking, soul-sucking and leaves me feeling hollow inside, that stuff can go.

It is through this blog and the accountability of writing it and putting my truth down on these pages that I plan to create the life of my dreams while examining the life I have today and learning from the experience of my years

This is who you may find here, who you may learn from here and who you may bear witness to here:

A healing child who was impacted by childhood sexual trauma & divorce

A healing teen who was torn from her life & told that she needed to become self-reliant

A healing creative who was told that being creative was for children, not adults

A healing goddess who was told that good girls never…

A healing good girl who could feign propriety but liked…

A returning wild woman who was extinguished by a need for security

A timid young woman entering the business world not because it called to her but because it was one of the 3 paths shown as her only option to have financial security

A wife to someone who struggles with complex trauma, who may randomly allow me on his island or sometimes boot me off

A mother whose work left her children without the mother they needed

A lover at home in her body & feeling sexy, most days anyway

A woman aging, faced with a changing body representing the accumulation of its years

A woman at a career crossroads and unsure of the path forward

A beloved in deep connection with another

A shaman whose daily practice provides the building blocks of the foundation of my life

A priestess who is still trying to figure out what this really word means and what is required of her

A program manager who knows it is all about the people

A project manager who is good at what she does and gets others to execute together

A freelancer who knows that this path is finite and past its shelf life

A teacher who knows that she loves sharing the wisdom of her experience

A coach who wants everyone to have what they need to show up as their best self

A writer coming back to her own life & creative expression on the page

A woman who wears hats



  1. Katharine Johnson on March 15, 2020 at 11:15 am

    What a wonderful way to say who you are and what we’ll find here. Love it.

    • Renee Cantor on March 15, 2020 at 9:42 pm

      Thank you Katharine! Stai bene amica mio!