Knowing Your Inner Truth Teller

Recently I had come up with the tag line for my website and my logo, Wisdom Empowered Life. In the process of coming up with that line I had done a fair bit of soul searching. What was it exactly that I wanted to bring into the world? How am I being called to be in service?  That searching helped me to align on my mission to help people develop a relationship with their own inner knowing, their inner truth teller and lead a wisdom empowered life from that place of knowing. 

The mission felt good, I carry it in my heart and want to show up fully for everyone I can, whoever crosses my path and in whatever context, I want to be available to help in this way, in the way that my dreamer (aka my soul) calls me. 

It is so clear to me but then a week or so ago I was sitting in meditation and I just heard my dreamer so clearly, keeping in mind my dreamer has its own bit of attitude and it simply said, you might be clear on what that means but everyone else may not have a clue of what you are going on about.  So, with that bit of wisdom, my direction was clear, write and speak into what it means to lead a Wisdom Empowered Life. 

Disclaimer here, this is a work in progress, as I write this today I have meditation on four tenants or guideposts to leading a Wisdom Empowered Life but as I dive into this deeper I am discovering more so I hope you will decide to join me on this journey of discovery and gaining clarity as we go. 

Today, I want to talk about the first tenant and that is knowing your inner truth teller. 

Have you ever been in a situation where you said yes to something that you later came to regret?  Have you ever wanted to say no to something but couldn’t bring yourself to do it out of fear of hurting someone else?  Both of these are examples of being out of alignment with your own truth. 

To be in alignment with your own truth you first have to know what that truth is and be close enough to it that you know its ins and outs like the back of your hand so that in the heat of a quick decision you have such a close relationship with your own truth teller, with your own north star that you won’t abandon it in the moment, you won’t be tempted to argue with yourself something like, “but this situation isn’t exactly like that one, it is different so perhaps I feel different?”  Building a close relationship with your inner truth teller, your north star, your inner compass takes time and effort.  I like to use my writing to get clear on this.  I like to write about a situation that I think I am a “yes” to but then dive into it in my writing, exploring the many ways it could go and then paying attention to my body as I am writing, am I feeling tight, is a tenseness showing up, what emotions are getting triggered, is the direction clear in my writing, am I now getting a clear “no” perhaps or I can find myself writing about all of the ways that I could be a “yes” or may lean toward a “maybe”. 

This practice gets me clearer and clearer on what is the right direction for me, regardless of the needs of anyone else.  Having this detailed relationship with my own truth makes me feel more empowered to speak it clearly in the moment.  Own it as mine even when someone else may want to change my mind or not like the outcome. Feeling empowered that we were aligned and spoke our own truth is the first step to leading a Wisdom Empowered Life.  

In order to do this, you must first build a relationship with your own inner truth teller, let her know you are listening, you want to know all of the wisdom she has to teach you.  The second part of this equation is of course to then step into that knowing, using it to guide your life like the breadcrumbs left on the forest path for you to follow your way home. 

The courage to speak your truth when it is hard, takes a special muscle, sometimes bravery and sometimes just jumping off that ledge when you can’t see the bottom.  I can tell you however the more you do it the more you trust yourself in those moments to have your own back, to speak your truth and to feel like your truly empowered self! I can tell you from personal experience that feeling like I am moving through my life from my own empowerment is just the most amazing feeling, more to come in a future post about my journey back to my own empowered life. 

How much do you know your own inner knowing, your own north star? How close is your relationship with your own truth? If you know your truth, does it actively guide your life? When I think of my inner truth teller, I see these giraffes poking their head into things, looking, trying to nose their way in to get clear in their vision of things and ask is this for me, am I a yes? 

If you want to work on building your relationship with your inner truth teller, check out my free Life Examined series, you can sign up for it on my website  Each day for 7 days you will receive a video introducing you to the Writing Wisdom practice, giving you a poem, prose or meditation with jump off lines to get your writing started.  If after 7 days, you want to continue there is another follow-on 21 days totally free taking you through all of the different areas of your life. Try it out and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Enjoy your week!

In Munay (aka Unconditional Love),