A few weeks ago, I was having dinner with my beautiful soul sisters / friends that I have met in San Diego since the world has re-opened. This group of women have varied backgrounds and experiences as we all do but the one thing that we all have in common…

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Choosing Love

It’s February, the month that we commercially celebrate romantic love. While personally I believe that love should be celebrated every day in all its wonderful aspects, love is also something that is very much in my awareness these days. I have found myself in deep contemplation about the loving relationships…

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In the last six months my father’s health has begun to decline, nothing imminent but enough to bring it to my awareness that we have more days behind us than in front of us. In August I went to see him for several days. I went wanting to make sure…

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Do I know what I need?

Two years ago, the answer to this question was an absolute NO. Of course, I knew I needed love and care, those basic human needs that all of us have but I had just come out of a relationship where I did not speak my needs, I had put my…

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woman behind curtain


At no other time when I have sat down to write this blog have I had so much difficulty. I have been working with something deep but when I began to write about it, I ran into all the programming that we have had around this topic for millennia. At…

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Last Sunday I set out on a walk to the ferry near my apartment. My plan was to take the ferry to Coronado Island and walk to pick something up from my pharmacy and return home. It would get me out and get me exercise which always lifts my mood.…

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It Matters

Last Saturday I was driving home from the gym, down the freeway, music playing and tumbling thoughts in my head. I had listened to a podcast earlier in the day that was speaking to men’s empowerment and that podcast was talking about how college educated women don’t date men without…

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What a summer love taught me

What I learned during a summer of love… I have had a summer of love. I remember summers of love as a teenager, meeting someone new at the beginning of the summer, diving in deep to all those yummy feelings that come with the discovery of knowing someone and allowing…

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Can love be too fast?

After weeks of texting and talking for hours on the phone, our first date was 30 hours in San Francisco. Still being committed to my own growth I vowed to be present to my own experience, to stay in the moment, don’t compare to the past as that would be…

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