The Stories We Tell Ourselves

My soul sister’s text appeared on my phone. “I am having microblading done, someone I know told me that it hurts. Send thoughts and prayers for me, I am scared.”

My reply, “I had it done, it didn’t hurt at all. It doesn’t have to hurt unless you want it to.”

Someone I love very deeply once told me that he can never be my equal. It was heartbreaking to hear when I know it is not at all true, but it is true for him because he has made it true.

One of my shaman mentors has a saying, “It is only true for you if you make it true for you.” This is such a powerful statement, and it is so true.

Our beliefs, our own story, the things that we regularly tell ourselves are the very things that create our reality.

A week or so ago I was texting with a friend in Spain, and I made a simple statement to the effect of “there are no evolved, divine masculine men anywhere”. Thankfully, he called my statement into question. It was exactly the spotlight that I needed, I was making that my very reality when it didn’t need to be because the fact is that there are plenty of evolved, divine masculine men everywhere. I needed to stop the story to see that.

There are days that I walk into the gym telling myself I am tired, that I just need to “get through” my workout. These workouts are a struggle, I feel slow, sluggish, like I can’t lift another pound.

There are also days that I walk into the gym telling myself that I am in great shape, strong, lean, capable. These workouts fly by, I do more, I try heavier weights, the workout is challenging but I feel like I can defeat the challenge.


As a thought experiment when I have walked into the gym feeling sluggish and tired, I have created a script in my head. The minute I begin an exercise I repeat to myself, “I am strong, I am lean, I am fit….” Doing this changes everything, doing this allows me to shift from struggle to conquering a workout.

My mind and the story that I am telling myself creates my reality. The mind is a very powerful tool that we can use to change our life. When I tell myself I am smart, I am capable, that I can do anything I put my mind to, that very outcome is what I experience.

Imagine for a moment what change you could bring to your life if you got out in front of the stories that you tell yourself.

I have a story that I tell myself that I can manage larger and larger projects. That has been my reality. I have a story that I am healthy, that has been my reality. I have a story that I look younger than my age and that too has been my reality.

I am on a journey of questioning all the stories that I tell myself, particularly the limiting stories, the stories that keep me playing small. How can I change my life in meaningful and positive ways by changing the story I tell myself?

I hope these words and my own questions get you thinking or writing or both. Here are a few questions for you to take to your favorite journal, morning shower or commute.

  • What story do I tell myself about…
    • who I am, what I am capable of?
    • my physical, mental, and emotional health?
    • the work that I do in the world.
    • how am I loved? who I love? how that love looks?
    • about how abundant I am? how much money do I have?
  • How could I change any of these stories and change my life?
  • What have I made true for me by the stories I have told myself?

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