Knowing Your Mission, Talents & Gifts

For decades and decades, I found myself chasing one single question, what was my soul’s mission? What was my own reason for being here on earth?  I can tell you that that question led me to explore many religious teachings, go on pilgrimages, attend self-development workshops and it led to the purchase of way more books than I would like to admit.

A year ago, I took this very question into a journey with Ayahuasca in Costa Rica, I wanted to have the answer once and for all. I had this knowing that Ayahuasca would bring me the answer that I sought. She did, it just wasn’t the easy, clear answer I expected. 

They say when taking a question to Ayahuasca you need to be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. What I got was a knowing of my soul’s mission but in words that I am still working to gain knowledge and understanding for.  After all, what does a corporate program manager do when Ayahuasca tells you that you are a warrior goddess & a sexual priestess?  She just told me to trust the journey and pay attention to the wisdom and to not get hung up on the words, that they did not exist in any appropriate level of understanding but one day they would. So I fought the anxiety to run and hide and just decided to stay open to the possibilities.

I walked away from that journey with a more settled feeling, a feeling of trust, while I didn’t have all of the answers, I had a trust that I would be shown along the way and I wouldn’t be given more than I could handle or resolve in my own guidance system.

Over the last year I have been reminded of my unique talents and gifts around communication, around navigating relationships and for being able to shift people out of their own disempowered story and into manifesting their future when they are willing to go there. 

We all have a mission for why we are here, and our missions are typically not trivial, we are meant to come here to do big things, create big change, I know this, my soul knows this, so I am still trusting this journey.

We also all come here with unique talents and gifts.  One of my unique talents is working with words, boiling them down, bringing as much clarity through them as I possibly can.  I can also shift easily from a vision, a 50,000-foot view of something, right down into the details, a ground level view of how to get to that vision.  I can shift between this wide-angle view of things to a detailed view and back again relatively easily without even thinking about it.  I seem to have a gift for getting to clarity out of chaos or form and structure out of disorder.

I started this four-part series to explore what I felt were the four key tenets of what it means to live a wisdom empowered life. The first tenet was to live aligned to your truth. The second tenet is to live in our fullest expression of our soul’s mission & our unique talents and gifts.

Have you ever sat down to contemplate or perhaps write into what your unique talents and gifts actually are?  Those things that you just naturally do without much thought to them, they are just your way of being. I would challenge you this week, if you are using the Writing Wisdom practice to write each day, add this element to your intention for your writing practice, intend to uncover your unique talents and gifts in addition to your soul’s mission.

If you uncover something and are questioning its validity, write into that area, if it is one of your unique talents and gifts you will be able to speak to it easily and with just a flow, the same thing for your soul’s mission, while it may surprise you what comes out, if it is true it will flow easily like an extension of your arm, you will just know its truth without thinking about it, you will feel it.

Anytime that you are writing to gain clarity from your inner knowing, pay attention to how you are feeling, you can visualize the words just rising from your heart, through your throat or through your arm, into your hand and onto the page. 

Once you have some clarity on what your mission actually is and what your unique talents and gifts are it is really time to look at how these are present in your life.  Are you actively engaged in living your mission or at the very least, leaning into it? Are you using your unique talents and gifts, do you express yourself through them?  If the answer to these questions is, no or you know in your heart that you are not doing your utmost here, this is where you can start to live your wisdom empowered life.  Identify the next most important thing that you can do to lean into your soul’s mission. Identify the ways that you could express more of yourself through your unique talents and gifts.

Just like each snowflake is absolutely unique, you are the only version of you, so you are the only one who can express your mission in the way that it is meant to be expressed by you.  You are the only one with your unique talents and gifts the way that they uniquely flow through you. Look at it this way, if you don’t live your mission and express your talents and gifts, you are robbing the world and the universe of your very unique expression, what a tragic loss that would be for all of us.

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