The Power of Words

I have always enjoyed writing and reading. As a kid, I quite often had my nose buried in a book and my mind, body & soul lost in a story, to the point that often those around me would say things like they hoped there was never a fire because I may be so lost in my book that I wouldn’t notice.  I have often wondered if it is my ability to get lost in story that actually may have saved me from the trauma of my youth. 

In the last two years I have returned to story but more importantly I have returned to words. I have begun to contemplate the multi-dimensional power of words. What do I mean by that? Well, words carry power, yes, they carry the power that we give them assigned by their meaning, but it is more than that. When someone says that they love us, for example, yes, we hear those words and our brain processes their meaning based on our understanding, but do you not also feel loved. Don’t those words settle into our body feeling warm, relaxed perhaps or excited and giddy. Those words have power and that power expresses itself in our physical body and our emotional body. So, the word love has expressed itself in our mind, our body and our emotions but I would take it further to say that it also expresses itself in our spiritual body and our energetic body. Who doesn’t feel more energized when we feel loved? It is like an amazing fuel for us. Spiritually, for me being loved reminds me of the connectedness between all of us. 

Now imagine for a moment that all words carry power. All words carry power to express in our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic body. If you think I have crossed a bridge too far, I ask that you sit back and contemplate for just one minute the last thing that was said to you. What did you feel from those words? Was your energy effected? I am betting if you connect those words you will feel the power in them. They brought you something on every level. Even if they made you feel sad or upset in some way, the power is still there, they touched you. 

So, if words carry all this power why aren’t we more reverent of their use?  I believe that we have become disconnected from the power of words and if we reconnect to that power that we would naturally want to be more careful with it. We might not just think about what we may want to say to someone, but we might actually want to slow down and sit with how that may make them feel, we may want to lean into what energy that those words may transmit. We may want to ask ourselves is this what I want to communicate on all levels not just the two-dimensional level of the words. 

Since the pandemic, I have increased the time I spend each day in energy practice as I have done this, I have been reminded of the amazing power of the energy body and its ability to shift our lives in dramatic ways.  I have also been called to remember that while I clear my own personal energy each day, everything around me is also made of energy. Which then begged the question, so what is my energetic impact on everything else? 

Since I love to write and specifically show up in word whether verbally or written, it was one of those magical ah ha moments when I saw the connection in the energy of words and then that moment of absolute DUH, of course, when I applied all of the bodies to this same theory around the power of words.  Of course, words are powerful, of course their power is multidimensional, of course I am affected in my mind, body, emotions, spirit and energy. 

It is my intention to show up in words in right relationship to those words and in right relationship with those who read them. It is my intention that my words always leave the reader in some way moved positively. I am more aware of the power of words on every level and I want to carry that awareness with me always. 

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May these words carry to the power of happiness, health and peace!