A Great Adventure

It began as a dream in early 2008, we could buy a boat, circumnavigate the world, be together all the time. We were in those early days of being in love when everything seems possible and reality is long forgotten. We found our Munay in Fiji, went out for an initial sea trial and then returned to Fiji three weeks later to embark on a great adventure. Along with the previous owners, we were setting sail on Munay bringing her from Fiji to San Diego. It was a big bold adventure and one we look back on fondly. The thing about it that will always stay with me are those days, in the middle of the Pacific ocean, nothing but water surrounding you, not a boat or land in sight for weeks at a time. What stays with me is the peace of it all. We are so small in the grand scheme of things, the ocean so powerful in her presence and yet there was just this calm, serenity to the whole thing for me. It never scared me and still doesn’t, I would go to the center of the ocean in a heartbeat, there is slow, quiet serenity out there.


After our great adventure of 6 weeks crossing the Pacific and a short stay in Mexico, we eventually settled into living on board in San Diego. We lived aboard for a few years until it felt like always having one toe in a great adventure and 4 toes firmly adhered to reality, jobs, kids, life, responsibilities so we sold the boat, let that adventure go, at least for the time being but the fish stories continue to get better and better!

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