Serenity in the South Pacific

I have gone sailing most every year for the last 10 or so years. Being on a sailboat is like returning to the womb for me. The quiet, the rock of the water, the smell of the ocean air, all if it providing a comfort that I get no where else. When I am on a boat each morning I get up early with the sun, grab a cup of coffee and my phone for its “good enough” camera capability and I go up on the deck somewhere. Sometimes I go forward, sometimes aft, it really is all dependent on my view to watch the sunrise. Each morning I capture a panoramic photo of that sunrise, the photos as beautiful as they are they never quite capture the essence of that moment that I am trying to freeze in time, freeze so that I can stay in that moment just a little bit longer. The serenity of that moment is what I want to bottle up and take with me everywhere.

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