How conscious are you to the decisions you make?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you weren’t truly a “HELL YES” to, wondering how you got here. Rewinding the steps that got you to this moment and realizing that yes, indeed you had agreed on some level to being in this situation.

In that moment you realized that those subtle “yes” responses that you made along the way somehow landed you in a place you did not want to be. Replaying those moments you realize that you may have just been going along with the desires of someone else perhaps. Or you just may not have been present enough in that moment to check in with yourself and question whether your “yes” was really a “yes” in your belly. If you had been present in your body was your body trying to shout a “hell no”?

Whether you’re facing a personal, life, or business decision nothing will serve you more than getting connected to the full presence of your own wisdom.

Even the everyday micro-decisions we make will come with more ease and feel more congruent to our present needs.

This form of decision making is both easy and hard, and if you want to feel more present and aligned, lean into this practice and make sure that you are present to all layers of your being when you make a decision.

I hope that all of your decisions are born from the complete presence of your body, your mind, your emotions and you energetic being.

Follow the Joy,

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