How fluid is your perception?

If you have been following me for a while now, you know that I have been studying Shamanism for about 15 years now.  One of the concepts you learn about in Shamanism is the concept that we each have an Assemblage Point.  Our assemblage point is the point on our body where we are connected to all that is in the universe and it is the place where we assemble our perception, our view of the world from.


We believe that through intention we can move our assemblage point and assemble our perception differently.  I was taught an exercise to find my assemblage point and then move it.  I was taught that it is valuable to be able to move our assemblage point as a way of testing our own perceptions as we try to look for clarity about any given issue in your life.  I believe what I have been taught because I have practiced it, felt it and worked with it.  I know that I can shift my perception and gain clarity from having changed my perception. 

Now, if we translate this conversation for a moment away from Shamanism’s perspective on this topic and just look at it from a more, perhaps straightforward set of ideas. 

The thing that dissolves fear faster than anything is clarity. When I don’t have clarity about something, I know I want to find that clarity as soon as I possibly can.  Now there is a difference between clarity and certainty.  For me clarity is about reaching a level of knowing that provides an inner peace about something where certainty for me is about knowing a very specific outcome. 

I am going to use relationship as a way of talking about this, you see I have always dreamt of having this great, loving relationship. A relationship based in dedication, commitment and a desire to share an adventurous life together.  I have thought of and envisioned and dreamt of this relationship my entire life.  As I have had relationships over my life, each of them was set up to fail because they were competing with this dream relationship that I had created in my mind.  I had created it so thoroughly that I could believe that I was in that ideal relationship when I was on the road traveling for work and then when I came home and the equation didn’t really ad up, I would make it about me needing to adjust something in me to get the equation to equal out again. 

I look back on this now and realize just how ridiculous this all was.  

Coming back to Shamanism for a moment however, from a shamanic perspective what I had done was to lock my assemblage point when it came to relationships, I had effectively created my own rose-colored glasses through which to see that part of my life, so I wasn’t seeing it for the reality of what I had. I couldn’t see the fact that the path that I thought we were on was not at all the path that my partner wanted to be on. 

If I had been paying attention, I would have noticed that if I moved my assemblage point my perception did not change.  This is not normally how it works, if I moved my assemblage point on any other topic in my life, I would see that topic from a different perspective and from that new perspective I would gain additional information which would help me find clarity. 

But if I looked at my primary relationship, I only saw it through this lens that I had created. The rose-colored lens of this perfect dream that I wanted, it meant that I wasn’t living in my own reality at all.  Recently, when I was in a healing session, examining why my relationships have not been what I have wanted, this lesson broke through, in an instant I saw it, I saw the ridiculousness of the façade. The orchestration of my mind, I burst out laughing at the hilarity of what I had put myself through and as shamanic healing tends to do the minute, I saw it, everything that was attached to why I had created that lens in the first place, the story of my own abandonment as a kid and wanting a love I could count on.  The story that I was really unworthy of love, so I had to orchestrate it to force it to happen.  

All of these wounds which had created the lens in the first place just fell away, I saw them for the ridiculous nature that they were.  Of course, as a divine being of the universe, I am worthy of love.  I don’t need to force love for myself because I love me and the spirit of the universe, God, Goddess (whatever your cosmology names it) that source of all love, loves me and the fact that I thought that I by my own shear will could create great love was another aspect to the hilarity of the lesson.  We are all love; we are all open to receiving love from the divine.  We all are in relationship with the divine, we mutually co-operate with the universe, we request through will and intention and then we open to receiving, this harmonious flow of energy between us and the divine is what I see as true love.  Once I saw that, I saw that love was available always and everywhere. 

If you feel like you have rose-colored glasses on and are not empowered in your relationship, reach out, I would be happy to talk about this further.  We all deserve great love for ourselves and it is right there waiting for us to see it. 

Hugs to all of you, stay safe, be well and know that you are loved and appreciated! 

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