Do you have a self-care menu that uniquely serves you?

The practice of self-care has been a buzz topic for many years at this point - yet many find themselves at a loss with the concept.

I recently had to get honest with myself around this topic. You’ll hear more about that in the video below. I had a list of things I could do, sometimes even telling myself I should do. But as my life passed a crossroad, I began to see how this random list was no longer serving me, if it ever really did.

Recharging your energy, taking care of your body (so it can care for you), healing through emotions and waves of grief - these are the elements where self-care can transform your life. So today, I invite you to get connected and begin creating an authentic self-care menu that is unique to you, rather than another to-do list nagging to be checked off.

If you’d like to learn more about practicing Writing Wisdom, here’s a quick introduction video for you!

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