How do you speak to yourself?

The things you say to yourself daily matter - in many ways.

And I’m not referring to when you walk down the street and talk out loud to yourself - we all do that at times. I’m referring to your inner dialogue with yourself in the privacy of your own mind.

As you quietly address yourself, do you feel support or criticism? This can influence how you handle stressors and events in your everyday life. Your own inner dialog can affect your self-confidence more than anything else.

Before we can change the demeanor of this inner dialog, we have to be aware of it. That’s what today’s video gently walks you through.

One important note before you hit play:
Step into the exercise with no judgments, and as thoughts come into your mind, keep that judgment-free zone in place. All you’re doing here is getting curious. You’re creating a baseline and clarity of the truth in how you speak to yourself.

To process today’s reflection questions, try using Writing Wisdom. Here’s a quick introduction video on how to use this journaling method!

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