What’s in the attic?

Today, with the help of a friend, we pulled 15 or so boxes out of the attic. I remembered when we moved into this house 5 ½ years ago, after we had unpacked everything, we “needed” a few boxes sat in the dining room for a few months before we finally said, let’s just put them in the attic. Some of the things we knew we wouldn’t need, those few boxes of the kids’ school mementos things that I have moved from house to house to house.

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Zoom Gratitude

Last August my son Shane moved to Los Angeles to attend film school.  My daughter Courtney lives with her husband Justin in Arizona.  Before the pandemic hit, I had been traveling each week to Arizona to be at my client’s for work, Monday through Thursday. When I started traveling regularly to Arizona, I spoke to Courtney about getting together regularly, it was something that she and I were both excited to have the opportunity to do.

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A Poem for times when you just can’t go there

This week when I sat down to write this blog I just couldn’t bring myself to go there, to talk about the uncertainty in the world, the fragility of life, the changes in relationships, all of it, all the hard stuff I just couldn’t bring myself to go there.  I just needed beauty this week, even if for just a few minutes. Perhaps you too need a few minutes of beauty.

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I Believe…

I believe in rocking chairs & afternoon naps.

I believe in red roses being a message of passionate love.

I believe in days at the beach and floating on the ocean while making a story up on the shapes of clouds.

I believe in health care for all and life is to be lived without struggle.

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In My Reality

I believe that we call people into our lives. Sometimes people show up and you feel a pull toward them, and you aren’t sure what that is all about but if you stay connected to yourself and honor that pull it will most often surprise you.

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What Really Matters?

Joy matters.

My children matter.

Love matters.

Our ability to care for each other matters.

Food on the table matters.

A roof over our heads matters.

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Questioning Last Week

Last week I was getting to know my kitchen again after years of only visiting to make coffee and weekend breakfasts. I spilled something on the counter and just like the commercials have told us to do, I reached for the roll of paper towel, but I stopped short, somehow that roll of paper towel now seemed extravagant, like an unnecessary luxury. I grabbed for a sponge instead wiping up the spill and rinsing it back out again. Last week, I stopped using paper towel altogether.

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