What Really Matters?

Joy matters.

My children matter.

Love matters.

Our ability to care for each other matters.

Food on the table matters.

A roof over our heads matters.

Peace matters, particularly right now peace matters.

Sharing matters.

Helping matters.

Following the guidance of science matters.

Knowledge matters.

Routine matters.

Doing the things, you can control matters.

Kindness matters.

Being a supportive friend matters.


I think that is really it.

 It is such a longer list now of what doesn’t matter.


Two cars in the driveway.

A big house.

Devices a plenty.

A closet full of dress clothes and shoes.

Oh those shoes that once brought you such joy but in the face of a pandemic, the great equalizer, it all feels so silly.

It always was silly really, the stuff, all that stuff, working so hard all those years for what really?


This virus is a gift, not to those who lose people, don’t get me wrong the harm is real but so it the gift, the gift of realizing what matters, what truly matters.