In My Reality

I believe that we call people into our lives. Sometimes people show up and you feel a pull toward them, and you aren’t sure what that is all about but if you stay connected to yourself and honor that pull it will most often surprise you.


A few years ago, I was drawn to listen to this YouTube channel Zoey Arielle, it was this young woman who had gotten out of a corporate job and moved herself to Italy. She was living as a digital nomad, traveling, she had written books, basically in her 20’s she had already done or was in the process of doing most of the things that I aspire to be able to do.


About 18 months ago, I was listening to one of her videos where she talked about how she had started certification to become a coach and wanted to begin manifesting some coaching clients. My ego said, why would a young woman in her 20’s want to coach a woman in her 50’s?  On the surface and to anyone who knows my business sense it would not have made sense but I had been looking for a while for a coach and spoken to several corporate coaches who certainly would have worked with me to build a bigger, better consulting practice, to expand myself in the corporate world but I had spent the last two decades resisting that path, always utilizing my competency in corporate program management to feed my life but not to feed my soul.


I looked at Zoey’s life and her aspirations and decided to follow my gut. Zoey has been coaching me for a little over a year now and I have been able to witness and benefit greatly as she has gotten to be a better coach. She has become one of my biggest cheerleaders and hopefully she feels the same from me.


It was Zoey helping me to put together a day by day plan to stand up my website, it was Zoey who pushed me past my fear about promoting my work on video and putting myself out there, I am deeply grateful for all of the coaching that she has given me along the way and I value her millennial perspective, it has widened my own perspective.  She continues to push me in a great number of ways.


One of the ways that she has helped me is how I am working on getting through the fear of this pandemic and that is using the phrase “In my reality…”.  During our calls if I say something like, “I don’t think that will work because of…”, she will usually challenge me by saying “No, in my reality I see it working like…”  Zoey now has a podcast (The Lo & Zo Show) with a colleague of hers and every time I feel my mood getting low, I will listen to a podcast episode and I am immediately cheered up and feeling like I can conquer anything. Recently they did a podcast on this very statement, “In my Reality” and how she is using it to manifest and set the stage for what she wants in her life. I have begun to make my own commitment to this phrase, and it is catching on, changing my own focus, leaving me feeling empowered particularly in times like these.


In my reality, we all band together and flatten the heck out of this curve.

In my reality, the hot spots that need them most are given enough PPE & ventilators and production picks up so that when other areas hit their peaks the equipment is at the ready.

In my reality, humanity becomes more connected and more willing to care for one another on the other side of this pandemic.

In my reality, our healthcare system gets re-evaluated, improved and is available to everyone as a human right after this pandemic.

In my reality, we all chip In and help each other recover from the financial impacts of this pandemic.

In my reality, the loss while still way too much is minimized by everyone coming together.

In my reality, I get to choose how I feel about my current circumstance and how I show up as a participant in a global situation.

In my reality, the best coach isn’t always the most obvious choice but she turns out to be a friend, a sister and a cheerleader all rolled into one and I am extremely grateful to have reached out to her in the first place.

Thank you Zoey for being a part on my ongoing reality!