I Believe…

I believe in rocking chairs & afternoon naps.

I believe in red roses being a message of passionate love.

I believe in days at the beach and floating on the ocean while making a story up on the shapes of clouds.

I believe in health care for all and life is to be lived without struggle.

I believe in real food, the kind you pick from a bush or a tree, the kind that you can smell the flavor before you can taste it.

I believe in the serenity brought on by the melody of the birds chirping and flitting about in my neighbors’ tree.

I believe in fully stocked market shelves and always getting what you need.

I believe in news sites filled with nothing but good news and stories of how we have helped each other.

I believe in the rain passing by and not dropping droplets on me at least not while I am writing on my outside bench.

I believe in peace, calm, joy and that our beliefs create our reality.

I believe that apple pie will always taste like my mom’s and that she will one day show up from the grave and tell me she was sorry she hadn’t made it more.

I believe that my Dad will rest, heed my warnings and not go to the store.

I believe that my son’s employer will find his life as valuable as I do and provide a mask & gloves for him to wear at work.

I believe that nothing will go back to the way it was but hopefully it will go to the way it always should have been.

I believe in ginger ale, licorice & blueberries right from the bush.

I believe that no day should be filled with meetings, that naps should be mandatory and that adults need recess.

I believe that technology could take a day off too.