Zoom Gratitude

Last August my son Shane moved to Los Angeles to attend film school.  My daughter Courtney lives with her husband Justin in Arizona.  Before the pandemic hit, I had been traveling each week to Arizona to be at my client’s for work, Monday through Thursday. When I started traveling regularly to Arizona, I spoke to Courtney about getting together regularly, it was something that she and I were both excited to have the opportunity to do.

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Surrounded by Angels

Let me be honest, this quarantine thing has sucked! With a husband awaiting triple cervical fusion surgery, in constant pain, being forced to quit smoking and obviously not in the happiest of moods facing a surgery imposed quarantine of sorts, the needs of client work, writing and classes there have been days that I have wanted to do way more than scream “Calgon Take Me Away” (for those old enough to remember that commercial)!

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Lessons from nails and gray hair

I think this pandemic is starting to work some kind of voodoo magic on me. First it grounded me, no more weekly flights, then it seemingly caged me, in my house, no more tidy hotel rooms and in my year dedicated to Freedom according to my vision board, that is what I call irony!

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I Believe…

I believe in rocking chairs & afternoon naps.

I believe in red roses being a message of passionate love.

I believe in days at the beach and floating on the ocean while making a story up on the shapes of clouds.

I believe in health care for all and life is to be lived without struggle.

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What Really Matters?

Joy matters.

My children matter.

Love matters.

Our ability to care for each other matters.

Food on the table matters.

A roof over our heads matters.

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Finding Ease

Last night I was messaging back and forth with a friend on Facebook. We were talking about how crazy things had become, he was planning to try a Costco run this morning. I told him that I had tried on Friday and couldn’t get within two blocks of the place, the roads were clogged with cars. I decided there wasn’t anything I needed that badly.

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